Gallery Daeppen
`Coup de Coeur#`
Space for zines and other subversive art.

Le Mal de Vivre


This installation was produced in Brazil (Sao Paulo), where I have been living and working since 2011. It was moved to Basel for the group exhibition ‘Le Mal De Vivre’.



The installation ‘Have a Reason’ was exhibited in the Group Exhibition ‘Propaganda’ in 2012.

Platonic Ideals and Hot Ketchup


The concepts of this exhibition are obsession, fragility, aspiration, absurdity, and existential drama with characters I set up in installations, drawings, prints and collages.

Syntethic Ivory

Plastic shopping bags, plastic trash bags, plastic food bags, plastic packaging bags… a whole disposable plastic jungle of commercial messages, symbols, icons, references, labels radiating the spirit of delusion… the metaphors of human existence.


I have always followed my proper language in my drawing … taking with me my drawing pad everywhere I went or lived.